4 Video Marketing Principles for Your Business Online

Your Business Online

The video is the next frontier when it comes to marketing and selling products online. Large and small businesses are taking advantage of video to showcase their products to prospective consumers because of their wider appeal. In fact, according to statistics, 96% of businesses have set aside a big budget for video marketing in 2018. But before you start creating videos for your marketing campaigns, you must know the various video marketing principles. This article talks about the video marketing principles you need to know before venturing into video marketing for your business online.

Put your strategy first when creating video for your business online

Before starting any venture, you must know your strategy. Starting your venture minus strategy can be dangerous because you may find yourself venturing into unplanned projects that can suffocate your business online. Also, it’s recommended that you don’t change your strategy frequently, as this may make it difficult to monitor the results of each strategy. In other words, you may not be able to know which strategy works and which doesn’t.

Create great content for your video marketing campaign

Success in video marketing doesn’t rely on a big budget, use of cutting edge technology or featuring famous actors in your videos. In other words, you can make an expensive video, and it still fails to increase conversions. Success in video marketing is all about making something that resonates with your target audience. A high converting video starts with a creative script, which should be crafted by a creative writer. The characters and voiceover artist should also be well chosen. The graphics and illustrations should be superb. A great video is a combination of many things, and you should know that upfront.

Identify your target market before creating videos for your business online

The days of blind marketing are over. Today, it’s about knowing who your target audience is, where they like to hang out and their buying behavior. You should then tailor your video marketing strategies to those aspects.

Market your videos on social media to grow your business online

People will be able to view your videos if they can find them. That’s why you should take steps to market your videos. Facebook is a great platform to market your videos because you won’t need to pay anything to do that. You can also use paid advertising to enable you to put your video in front of a larger audience.


Remember these video marketing principles when the time comes to create your marketing videos. They can help you come up with a strong video marketing campaign that will drive your business online to the next level quickly.