3 Key Reasons Why Many Sellers Opt For Online Store Builders over Marketplaces

Online Store Builders

When you are considering selling products online, you’ll have two choices; use online store builder or list your products on popular online marketplaces. While listing products on popular online marketplaces has been the norm for many years, there is a significant shift towards online store builders these days. Some of the most popular online store builders that have fuelled this shift include Shopify and BigCommerce. Sellers have flocked online store builders for the following reasons:

The shopping experience can be personalized with an online store builder

Selling products online via an online store comes with the advantage of marketing your products uniquely. Not to mention that it gives you the liberty to personalize your e-commerce store. Ideally, an online store makes the experience humanly and offers a personal touch. By customizing your e-commerce store to customers liking, it enables them to develop a sense of trust, and this can cultivate loyalty to your brand and motivate them to return to your business. With popular online marketplaces, there is no option for customization. All you have to do is create a page and list your products.

Selling products online through marketplaces comes with the possibility of being lost in the shuffle

Large online marketplaces like Amazon and eBay have a huge database of sellers, and most may feature the same products you’re offering. And to compound the problem, the similar products may feature the same product description word for word. When selling through your online store, the products may be the same, but the descriptions and images will be different because you are creating content yourself. However, online marketplaces have one advantage over online store builders; they receive a ton of traffic every day, so you might not need to market your products to sell.

It’s easy to deal with an online store builder

Most people who sell products online tend to list them on multiple online marketplaces. While this tactic has the benefit of more traffic and more sales, it comes with some challenges. For instance, every online marketplace has rules that need to be followed to the latter, such as marketplace fees, shipping regulations, and more. Following these rules on a daily basis can be a daunting task. Failure to abide by the rules can lead to bad customer reviews, and account suspensions or even banned from the sites completely. With an online store builder, you make the rules and call the shots.


However, online marketplaces have their own advantages, such as a ton of traffic, and the platform helps you sell your products to consumers and credits your money to your account. So the choice of platform to use will largely depend on the needs of your business.